Best-of-breed technology

Many threats, growing compliance risks, one solution

Next-generation technology specifically designed for securing communications networks

Communications service providers (CSPs) face many of the same threats and regulatory compliance concerns as SMBs and enterprises. However, mobile and fixed telecom network operators, satellite internet service providers (ISPs) and other CSPs must deal with these challenges on a much larger scale—not just across a company but in some cases across an entire country. At the same time, they must provide their customers with carrier-class quality of service while rapidly responding to new threats or changes in network traffic. 

Software-defined firewall

Indigo Software provides a next-generation firewall designed specifically for the needs of network operators. The core of this solution is software-defined architecture that uses a dynamic policy language. This flexible approach makes it easy to keep up with today’s rapidly evolving security landscape in which bad actors attempt to avoid detection or circumvent security controls by always attempting to be moving targets. It also helps SOC teams quickly remediate issues on a granular level, such as a specific subscriber that is not able to access web services.

Best-of-breed technology

A single vendor may have strengths in one or more areas of security, but not all. To handle today’s extremely complicated threats and changing regulatory environment, Indigo combines the best and most advanced technologies in each area of security and compliance. 

At the core of this best-of-breed technology is an advanced scripting engine for the software-defined firewall. Indigo spent years developing a technology that meets the demands SOC teams managing large networks. It is truly a “next-generation” firewall technology because Indigo R&D built it from the ground up based on a modern scripting language—Lua. The Lua engine is fast, and has a small footprint. It also has a simple, well-documented API and is easy to extend with libraries written in other languages, which provides benefits such as easy integration with external systems. 

Many security vendors claim to offer next-generation firewalls. But in fact, their solutions have not really evolved. They cannot upgrade to the latest and greatest features or provide the flexibility SOC teams need because they must support legacy applications built on outdated or proprietary languages.  

To complement the scripting engine’s expressive and highly flexible policy management, the Indigo firewall incorporates an industry-leading deep packet inspection (DPI) engine from Rohde & Schwarz ipoque. It is the the highest performing DPI technology available today, providing holistic analytics that include granular visibility of the entire network with real-time reporting on network and subscriber data. The massive throughput of this engine—up to 23Gps depending on the number of protocols—easily handles the enormous volumes of data travelling across large communications networks. 

The Indigo solution also integrates components of the Elastic Stack (also known as ELK, or the Elasticsearch|Logstash|Kibana Stack) which delivers an end-to-end solution for analytics, logging, search and visualization. It provides a real-time dashboard with powerful charts and tools for administrators to drill down into log data. This massively popular open-source software stack gives SOC teams actionable insights in real time from almost any type of structured and unstructured data. Since it is open source, it also provides a very cost-efficient SIEM capability, or easily integrates with other SIEM platforms that a customer may already have deployed.