Our Solutions

Advanced capabilities for multiple use cases

The Indigo Software-Defined Firewall solution is essentially a next-generation firewall (NGFW) designed to provide security for very large networks, such as those operated by communications service providers (CSPs). Like its smaller-scale cousins, the Indigo NGFW solution combines a traditional firewall with other network security capabilities, such data loss protection (DLP) and an intrusion prevention system (IPS).

Plus, its advanced scripting engine meets the demands SOC teams managing large networks. This truly “next-generation” firewall technology uses a modern scripting language—Lua. The Lua engine is fast, and has a small footprint. It also has a simple, well-documented API and is easy to extend with libraries written in other languages, which provides benefits such as easy integration with external systems.

SOC teams also benefit from Indigo’s ELK stack/Kibana integrations that can not only eliminate the high cost of a commercial SEIM but also dramatically speed incident response time. Kibana dashboards further provide a single view—one screen—that summarizes important SOC information, recent alerts, charts for visual detection of anomalies, and more. Or, the Indigo firewall can be configured to output log data to a best-of-breed SIEM.