About the Company

Indigo Software develops and markets industry-leading cybersecurity solutions

Indigo Software develops and markets industry-leading cybersecurity solutions specifically designed for telecoms, mobile network operators, and satellite Internet providers as well as Internet service providers (ISPs). These customers face very different—and typically much larger—challenges than enterprises, such as securing communications networks nationwide. They also face unique regulatory hurdles.

The company’s flagship product, the IndigoTM Software-Defined Firewall, features a state-of-the-art DPI engine (licensed from German partner Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity), advanced policy scripting language, and carrier-grade performance. It empowers SOC teams with unmatched flexibility for implementing network policies, enabling customers to increase revenue by maximizing network usage while also ensuring compliance. Other capabilities protect not only large-scale communications networks but also customer websites from threats such as DDoS and application layer attacks. The solution deploys quickly and scales modularly to support very large deployments.


The Indigo Software-Defined Firewall provides advanced capabilities for multiple use cases:

Next-Generation Firewall Web Application Firewall Network Security Monitoring

Indigo Software engineering experts can provide world-class support 24/7, essentially becoming an extension of customers’ onsite SOC and IT teams. Additionally, the company can provide all source code to customers for audit, allowing them to be sure there are no bugs, security vulnerabilities, or violations of programming conventions.

Indigo Software is a global company with offices and engineering support centers in Asia and the Middle East as well as partner research facilities in Germany.