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Advanced capabilities for multiple use cases

Large-scale network operators such as national mobile telephony service providers, for example, have a variety of reasons for needing real-time visibility into traffic on their networks. The Indigo firewall incorporates real-network capability comprising a software library that uses different technologies, including Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), behavioral as well as heuristic and statistical analysis to detect network protocols and applications.

With a classification speed of up to 32 Gpbs per core, it is the industry’s fastest DPI solution, providing the ability to extract metadata in real time—even if advanced obfuscation and encryption techniques are used. The Indigo software-defined firewall can perform the following:

These capabilities—in addition to protocol decoding—enables network operators to monitor and detect traffic that could put them in non-compliance with government regulations. These could include, for example, allowing users to communicate using over the network using encrypted messaging apps or VoIP.